Connecting Deeper: Plant Spirits & Communication

Connecting Deeper: Plant Spirits & Communication

What does magic mean to you? 

We all have something that comes to mind when we ponder what magic could be. Most of the time it is something that seems so far out of grasp, and not within our realm of what we consider to be real.  But what if we choose to peel away the preconceived notions we have that are associated with magic? What if it is not actually fairy dust, glitter, and powerful wands, what if magic is something more subtle How incredible is it, truly, that we live in a world where everything is interconnected. We can live in a land-locked state, but yet we still feel the impacts of a storm over the ocean thousands of miles away. Or, perhaps you get a feeling in your gut when you know you need to call your friend because they are having a rough time. Every choice we make puts into the world a series of ripple effects that spread indefinitely.  You even have the power to change a person’s entire day, simply by offering a smile. Is that not magic? 

What if magic was that tie that holds us all together - that string of energy that is not necessarily seen, but felt by all that exist on this planet? We want to explore a deeper concept with you, and we hope you join us in exploring the magic that exists in our world. That same energy that connects us to all other beings of the world, allows us to connect with plants. To actually, and truly, get to know them, and understand them as the individuals they are.  While plants may seem to be stagnant beings growing out of the soil of the earth, they are so much more. They have sentience, and the ability to respond to occurrences or energies they feel in their surroundings. If we can establish a relationship with animals, such as the happy labrador that lays at your feet in your home, why could we not also connect with plants?  We may not be able to speak one another’s language, but we can understand one another through intuition and intention. We are magical because we as humans, are capable of intention and hold a sense of intuition.   

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We have the ability to change the outcome of any given situation based on the way we think. This is intention. As a basic example, we can choose how any day affects us. Let’s say we are having the absolute worst day, one of those where it seems as though nothing seems to go right despite our best efforts. Our reaction to this, or the energy we choose to harness as a response, is our choice. Perhaps we awoke that morning, simply believing it was going to be a bad day, and therefore intended for it to be. This mindset will only allow us to focus on the negative aspects of the day, and we may succumb to that.  However, we could also create a space for intention in which we decide, that even despite things going wrong, that we will actively choose to continue to harness positive energy. We make an active effort to disallow adverse conditions to have an impact on us. In that case, we can be almost like superheroes, creating invisible force fields around us. And, it is likely, in this scenario, we still felt as though we had a good day despite the negative pieces.  


Intuition is that feeling within the deepest part of you, that also acts as your guide. When it comes to plants, we have all felt our intuition at play. Perhaps you knew a plant needed a little extra splash of water, despite not showing physical signs. Or perhaps you passed a plant on a hike, and knew it had medicinal qualities, despite not even knowing its name. We use intention to build the space and the energy we want to share with plants, and we use intuition to hear, and understand what plants need from us or want to share with us.   

"By exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide we are already building a very basic relationship with the plants. The life force inherent to our breath is so rudimentary that without it we can’t even survive for more than a few minutes. Yet in most of us there is little awareness about where our life-giving-breath comes from. 

The ability to consciously make the connection between our breath and the green beings enables us to shift our attitude toward them, resulting in a deep appreciation and respect."

~Deva Yama, Connecting with Plant Spirits


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Plant Spirits 

  In previous posts, we have discussed in length the concept of plants being “allies.” The reason for this is because plants heal on a much deeper level than simply the physical. They heal from the deepest parts of themselves, from their very essence of being. They heal from their spirit.  The concept of connecting with the spirit of a plant is not new. It dates back to incredibly ancient times, as far back as the Stone Age. As mentioned by Kathleen Daley in Plant Spirit Shamanism: Hearing the Call of the Plants, healing through developing an understanding of the spirit of a plant is prominent in all traditional healing folklore and spiritual teachings around the globe. As identified in many traditional healing paths, by connecting with plant spirits, we heal disease in a holistic way, bringing balance to our emotional and spiritual bodies, in addition to the physical.  One can connect with the consciousness of a plant, or perhaps even find your own personal plant ally (a plant that is meant to resonate with you and guide you on your journey in this plane), with a little effort; simply allow your intuition to guide you, and make an intention to do so.  We invite you to seek a deeper connection with a plant around you. Choose one that you feel called to, as that is the plant already making a connection with you, asking for your awareness and intention, as it likely has something to teach you. Sit with the plant, giving it your full and undivided attention, and allow yourself to feel who this plant is. We encourage you to meditate with the plant to open yourself to a deeper connection.   

Plant Communication

We may not 'speak' the language of plants, but that does not create a barrier for us to communicate with them. As with any language, this one too can be learned. If you have ever felt drawn to a particular plant, not necessarily just because of the physical aspects of it, such as its bright flowers, or the fact that the leaves twist in an intriguing way to you, chances are you are already engaging in conversation with this plant.  By tapping into your sense of intuition, you invite messages to be received, or you hear what the plant wants to tell you.   

We invite you to deepen your relationship with the beautiful green beings that exist around us, with just a few simple steps: 

  1. Sit down with the plant, herb, flower, or even tree that you feel called to. This plant has wisdom to share with you and is reaching out for your attention. 
  2. Allow this being to have your undivided attention. If meditation is in your practice, meditate in front of your plant, as it will open you further to receiving their message
  3. If messages are coming slowly, perhaps it is because you need to break the ice a little. Begin by introducing yourself. You can do this in your thoughts, or even speak aloud to the plant. Tell them your name, a few facts about yourself, and create a shared intention with the plant that you intend to learn from them and receive the guidance they are willing to offer. 
  4. Ask questions: What is it that drew you to this plant? How does this plant make you feel? What wisdom do you believe this plant has to share with you? 
  5. Lastly, do not get discouraged. As with any new relationship, it can take time for both parties to open up, and get to know each other. Allow yourself to be open as much as possible, and if needed, return to the plant over the next few days to continue to foster your relationship. The messages will come in time. 
  We send you so much love and encouragement as you deepen your relationship and connection with our natural world. Our current times could not use practices like this more, and it is evident now more than ever how much we need our natural allies, and they us. We look forward to hearing what you learn!    Check out this experiment done by IKEA in which one plant was bullied and the other was treated with kindness and compassion. The results speak for themselves!   

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We highly suggest the Stephen Buhner books as a place to begin your exploration into the world of Plant-Spirit Communication  

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