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Vitex Berry POWDER organic, bulk/oz

Vitex Berry POWDER organic, bulk/oz

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Botanical Name: Vitex agnus-castus

Origin: Turkey

The vitex plant, native to the eastern Mediterranean, is a small shrub with lance-shaped leaves and vibrant purple flowers. Historically, its peppery fruits, often called vitex or chaste berries, were used for various purposes, including promoting chastity during ancient times.


Our organic vitex powder is ground from Vitex agnus-castus fruits, offering versatility in infusions, tinctures, and encapsulation. It is renowned for supporting women's physical and emotional health during menstrual cycles and the transition into menopause.*

How to Use: 

Crack the dried fruits for a subtle pepper taste or infuse them for tea. Also known as monk’s pepper, vitex has a rich history of use, from ancient Greece and Rome to the Middle Ages.


Avoid using vitex berry with hormonal contraceptives. For any concerns or if you're pregnant, nursing, or on medications, consulting a healthcare professional is advised.

Embrace natural well-being with vitex — your companion in every cycle.

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