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Tobacco Absolute Essential oil 5 mL

Tobacco Absolute Essential oil 5 mL

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Tobacco Absolute is a very tenacious, aromatic material that adds warmth, depth and character to natural perfumes, especially masculine and Amber blends when used in very small amounts.

It has a woody, mossy, sweet hay-like, warm herbaceous aroma reminiscent – when diluted – of fine pipe tobacco. 

Nicotiana tabacum has a history that goes back thousands of years in the cultures of the Native peoples of the Americas – the smoke from the dried leaves was and still is respectfully used, sometimes with other herbs, for spiritual and ceremonial purposes.2 It appears that it was only after the dried herb became a processed commercial interest that deleterious effects became prevalent.

Although Tobacco Absolute is soluble in alcohol, it is only partially soluble in fixed (carrier) oils.3 It does impart its aroma to fixed (carrier) oils by gently heating both absolute and carrier oil separately before combining. When cooled, insoluble material will precipitate to the bottom, however the portion remaining will be highly aromatic. 

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