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The Sacred Cycles Oracle By Jill Pyle and Em Dewey

The Sacred Cycles Oracle By Jill Pyle and Em Dewey

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Connect with the ancient pulse of the Earth's wisdom through your Sacred Cycles, Moon phases, menstruation, seasons, flora, and fauna, and the passage of time to seek guidance, deepen your intuition, and honor your body.


Deepen your relationship with the Moon cycle, your body, and the rhythms of the Earth's Sacred Cycles. We are all cyclical beings, and this 50-card deck is an oracle for anyone in need of guidance whether they experience a menstrual cycle or not.

Working with this deck will lead you back to the innate inner knowing that your personal cycles are potent, powerful, and perfect in their own ways. May this deck remind you of the ways you are always connected to the natural pulse of the world around you.

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