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Tarot of Transcendence

Tarot of Transcendence

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Created by psychotherapist Jen Phippen, the Tarot of Transcendence is a beautiful deck that will evoke emotion and transport you into the depths of your unconscious mind.

"I created the Tarot of Transcendence as a tool for deepening our hearts and cultivating deeper consciousness.

Offering them to the world has shown me how fearful I am of really being seen while also showing me that my heart has so much medicine that is needed to give meaning to this world. The world needs each of our unique medicine to heal Mother Earth.

I see conscious evolution as the way forward.

I believe in the power of the feminine and see the power as women connect and hold space for one another in love and community.

The systems are collapsing around as the patriarch declines. We are building a new world of love outside of the oppressive systems designed to separate and conquer us."

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