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Spirit of the Animals Greeting Cards -

Spirit of the Animals Greeting Cards -

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Greeting Cards featuring prints of an original painting of acrylic on canvas by Colorado Artist Brita LaTona.

Blank note card with envelope. Matte finish. The message from the animals (quoted below) are printed on the back side of each card.

Cunning and curious, Fox energy is inherent in the ability to be resourceful and innovative in whatever situation we find ourselves in. Often elusive, Fox may appear shy, yet foxes are also clever and may outwit others through their artful creative skills. To embody these qualities we must not get discouraged with the resources we have. There is always a way out of any entanglement when we maintain a sense of unabashed curiosity and ingenuity in all endeavors.

Owl leads with clear sight in the depth of darkness, and uses its heightened senses by only the light of the moon. Since Owl has no fear of darkness, it faces what many are too afraid to look at, and never truly see. This mystical bird is sometimes thought to be a bridge between two worlds. Owl teaches the importance in developing intuition fully, in order to move forth from a space of wisdom, and bring light to all things.

Rabbit energy is inherent in the spirit of giving and sacrifice. Female rabbits bear many offspring during their short lifetimes and for this reason Rabbit is correlated to a family unit. Rabbits are often associated with symbols of fertility, spring and new life and they remind us that it's always possible to undergo an inner process of re-birth. In addition, Rabbit plays an important role in the food chain. The metaphor in this sacrifice is in understanding that small sacrifices are sometimes necessary for the greater good of the whole.

The Sacred Deer is powerful in presence, wisdom, and quiet gentleness. Kinship with Deer Medicine is in knowing the importance in being non-judgmental with ourselves and others. Sometimes deeper wounds can only heal with understanding and a quality of gentleness.

Many cultures view Turtle as a symbol for Mother Earth, and are thought to be keepers of ancient wisdom. Turtle is nurturer and protector, and associated with qualities of giving, acceptance, and setting clear boundaries. Mother Turtle carries a deep message in taking things slowly, looking within, and beckons us to return home to the heart of who we are.

Wolf Medicine is evident in qualities of leadership, personal power and connection to Wild Spirit. Wolf’s ally is the moon which connects to the realm of ideas, dreams and deeper consciousness. Always fiercely loyal and innovative, Wolf develops complex systems of communication in packs. Wolf Medicine is found in knowing when to humble oneself, and when to assert oneself for the good of the pack.

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