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Spikenard Essential Oil, Organic 5mL

Spikenard Essential Oil, Organic 5mL

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Organic Spikenard Essential Oil

A rich scent of our organic Spikenard oil – a bit sweet, a bit spicy. It comes from the mountains of Nepal, harvested responsibly to protect the environment. Spikenard has an ancient story. It was used in biblical times, like when Jesus' feet were anointed. Today, it's part of natural perfumes, adding a deep, calming smell. Spikenard isn't just about smell; it can be good for you too. But remember, always be careful with oils. If you're not sure, ask someone who knows.

Usage: You can use it in different ways: smell it, add a drop to your mixtures, or blend it with other oils. It goes well with many scents, creating a unique aroma just for you.

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