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Rose Hip Seed Oil, Organic, 1oz bottle

Rose Hip Seed Oil, Organic, 1oz bottle

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This oil contains high amounts of natural vitamin C and essential fatty acids. It holds excellent skin-moisturizing benefits and works wonders when added to lotions, salves, under-eye creams and foot care products. It's often recommended by herbalists to assist with the healing of skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema and minor cuts.

Rosehip seed oil is one of those oils that the skin readily accepts by penetrating the surface layers. A recent article in Huffington Post claimed that many Hollywood stars swear by this oil - claiming that with continual use it's, "better than botox." I've never had botox injections before, but I have used rosehip seed oil, and I concur that using it nightly on your skin, or within a skincare formulation, you will see the difference.

Please note that this oil is unrefined, so it holds a natural "sweet" scent (some may find it offensive), as well as its full, deep red color. Unrefined oils are truly the best for your skin, as they are exactly the way mother nature grew them but they do come fully intact with their natural scent and color.

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