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Love, Sweet Love Herbal Bath Bomb

Love, Sweet Love Herbal Bath Bomb

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Created by product-maker Genevieve Smith, these luxurious bath bombs are soothing to sore muscles, stimulating to the senses, and will help you feel nourished and sparkly.

Baths are a wonderful way to work herbs into your life. Soaking in hot water is relaxing and healing in and of itself. And many herbal constituents and other healing remedies can be absorbed through the skin.

"Love, Sweet Love" bath bombs have epsom salts for deep muscle relaxation and general detoxification.

They also have a beautiful stimulating and aphrodisiac blend of essential oils to help you feel embodied and open to pleasure.

And the cherry on top is the addition of mica-which makes the bath and you subtly sparkly!

To use: Add to a bath for a relaxing and indulgent experience by yourself or with a loved one!

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