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Hydrangea root Organic, bulk/oz

Hydrangea root Organic, bulk/oz

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Botanical Name: Hydrangea arborescens

Origin: United States

Common Names: Seven Barks, Wild Hydrangea

Hydrangea arborescens, native to the southeastern United States and northern Asia, is a popular garden shrub. This medium-sized shrub, also known as wild hydrangea, features smooth bark and snowball-like white flowers. Hydrangea root has a history of traditional use for its beneficial properties, commonly prepared as tea or tincture.

Hydrangea has a rich history dating back millions of years in North America and Asia, growing near water, which inspired its name derived from the Greek term meaning "water vase." Introduced to England in the 1730s, it gained popularity as an ornamental plant. The grayish roots have a mild odor but a sweet and pungent taste. In English folklore, it is considered unlucky for young ladies seeking a husband, with tales suggesting that allowing the plant to grow near one's house may bring a perceived curse. Hydrangea belongs to the Hydrangeaceae botanical family.

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