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Hawthorn Berry POWDER organic, bulk/oz

Hawthorn Berry POWDER organic, bulk/oz

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Botanical Name: Crataegus monogyna

Origin: Albania/Croatia

Hawthorn is a common plant in Europe with red berries and thorns. It has been used in Western herbalism to support heart health. The plant is part of the Rosaceae family, and species like C. laevigata and C. monogyna are commonly cultivated.

To harvest, collect flowering branches in spring and ripe berries in the fall. Hawthorn has a long history and is considered "sacred tree medicine" by Druids. In traditional European medicine, all parts of the tree, including leaves, berries, flowers, and wood, were used.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), known as 'shanzha,' hawthorn historically aided digestion and is now used for cardiovascular support, even appearing in popular candies in China. It is seen as a superior heart tonic, beneficial for both emotional and spiritual well-being. While generally safe, consulting a healthcare practitioner is advisable, especially for pregnant, nursing individuals, or those on medications.

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