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Full Circle Health- Lucy H. Pearce

Full Circle Health- Lucy H. Pearce

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What happens when we pay attention to all the information our bodies and minds are presenting us with?
What happens when we dare to be truly present to the intricacies of our lives?
What happens when we integrate cyclical ways of knowing and being into our daily lives?

Welcome to Full Circle Health: a creative approach to holistic health for all who love planners, trackers and bullet journals to guide and support you in a greater understanding of your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Whether you are menstruating or not, pregnant or post-partum, Full Circle Health provides a highly flexible, deeply supportive way of tracking your health, whatever your current health conditions.

Find guidance on:

  • Cycles and why they are important for women's health
  • Health charting for a variety of physical and mental health conditions
  • Menstrual charting
  • Lunar charting
  • Dream charting
  • Guided journaling

With 35 daily charting spreads, a monthly habit tracker, planner, and charting grid, this integrated tool will help you to track symptoms, medication, self-care, energy levels, build positive habits and mindful awareness.

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