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Flower Inlay Long Incense Holder

Flower Inlay Long Incense Holder

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Flower Inlay Long Incense Holder:

Crafted from Sheesham Wood, this 12" incense holder combines natural aesthetics with functionality. Adorned with brass flowers, it elegantly captures and contains ashes, ensuring a mess-free experience for both stick and cone incense.

Versatile and practical, it accommodates one stick on each side, and the bottom slot serves as storage for 40-60 incense sticks. Embrace the soothing scents that permeate through decorative cut-holes, elevating your space.

Dimensions: L 12" x W 2" x H 2.5"

Material: Sheesham Wood

Transform your home or office ambiance with your favorite incense. Ideal for 11" sticks and cones, this incense holder seamlessly blends beauty with utility. 

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