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Blood Orange Hydrosol, Organic 2oz Mister

Blood Orange Hydrosol, Organic 2oz Mister

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Our organic blood orange hydrosol will perk up your mood and sweeten your day. A wonderful facial toner and unique hydrosol to incorporate into skin creams and body care formulas.

Blood oranges are a naturally occurring hybrid in the same family as Valencia oranges. They feature a stunning blood-red colored flesh with sweet, berry-like notes. Our blood orange hydrosol beautifully captures the unique citrus profile and highlights its rousing aroma that is sure to invigorate your senses. Intended for cosmetic use only.

Our organic blood orange hydrosol blends well with our cucumber or lime hydrosols for a summery mist any time of the year. For a zesty aroma spray, ginger and pink pepper essential oils make great additions. Add litsea cubeba and ylang ylang essential oils to create a delectably sweet floral combination.

Due to the nature of steam distillation, our blood orange hydrosol does not contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is incredibly heat-sensitive, and breaks down when it reaches temperatures over 86⁰ F (30⁰ C). It takes over an hour to produce quality hydrosols where temperatures can reach 212⁰ F to create these precious plant waters.

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