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BeMo Journal -

BeMo Journal -

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The BeMo Journal | A Transformative Self-Healing Practice

Embark on a self-guided, transformative healing journey to awareness and security with The BeMo Journal - crafted in exquisite, soft vegan leather. The BeMo Journal includes a full guide to The BeMo Practice and is a holistic approach to self-care through emotional well-being.

Heal through practice. Let BeMo be your guide.


  • The BeMo Practice Guide: An in-depth self-therapy guide designed to become part of your daily routine. Identify emotions, uncover needs, and work through emotional "FUNCK."
  • Index & Tracking: Dedicated pages for recording various aspects of your daily life—such as mood, sleep, and stress levels—to correlate with your emotional state.
  • Dotted Pages: Generous space for creative expression, from doodles to diary entries.
  • Feelings & Needs Guide and Wheels: Tools designed to help you articulate feelings and understand your needs, especially during challenging moments.
  • Things To Forget: An innovative section to note distractions or tasks that might interfere with your emotional well-being, encouraging emotional presence and self-care.
  • Learning Resources: Valuable external resources for additional guidance and community support, including a setup guide, examples, and community links.

Why Is The BeMo Journal Valuable?

The BeMo Journal hosts a structured practice for emotional freedom. Shift from 'doing' to 'being' and embrace a need for growth and change. A daily repetition of The BeMo Practice allows you to regulate emotions, handle stressful situations, and manage conflicts, ultimately leading to a life free from depression and anxiety. Witness your healing transformation as you break through barriers and journey towards a more secure and fulfilling life.

What Makes The BeMo Journal Unique?

The BeMo Journal offers a proven self-therapy approach. Written and created by author Cassandra Stark, the BeMo Journal is made for need, from need. The BeMo Practice comes meticulously from years of research in self-help and therapy topics. Despite two decades of therapy, creator Cassandra Stark had a need for more - a need for understanding, clarity, companionship, trust, faith, hope, security, and support. At the core, Cassandra wanted to specifically know how. The BeMo Practice is the answer.

The BeMo Practice is created as a how-to process that can be used no matter how much weight the topic carries. Teach yourself how to feel if feelings are difficult for you. Teach yourself how to regulate feelings if feelings are big for you. Heal things whether they seem big, bad, or boring.  Use The BeMo Practice to handle more than feelings; handle conflict, decision making, and relationships. Celebrate more good days. Build trust and resilience from Positives. Gain insight from hindsight.

The BeMo Practice is designed to help you reprogram subconscious behaviors and break free from limiting beliefs - setting you on a course to emotional security and overall well-being.

This journaling process encourages you to challenge the belief that you "need to" - to do more, to be busy, to please others, to achieve, and to strive. Instead, embrace your "need for" - for change, for acceptance, for renewal, for introspection, for hope, and for emotional safety.

Over time, your practice will naturally lead to deeper insight, allowing you to identify and work through limiting beliefs - providing the necessary information to break through walls, overcome barriers, and live a more secure and fulfilling life.

BeMo empowers you to overcome, discover, voice, understand, and solidify what you Know; to allow change within yourself and others.

The BeMo Feelings & Needs Wheel Bookmark

The feelings and needs wheel bookmark is the perfect placeholder for where you are in your BeMo Journal.

This product is a two-sided 5x7 placeholder made of thick, durable cardstock paper with the Feelings Wheel on one side and Needs Wheel on the other.

The feelings and needs wheel can be used to help people become more self-aware and learn how to communicate their feelings and needs more effectively during the FUNCK step of The BeMo Practice.

Don't want to tuck it away in your #BeMoJo? No problem. Keep it handy to help facilitate conversations with others and help people gain a better understanding of each other. Working through FUNCK vocally is a great way of connecting with your partner and children. Or keep a frame of the Needs Wheel directly on your desk at work to remind yourself where you are operating from and all you're truly responsible for - understanding, protecting, and meeting your Needs before serving or showing up for others.

For a deeper dive into The BeMo Practice, stay tuned for books written by Creative Founder and author Cassandra Stark and be sure to join The #BeMoJo Community.

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