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Alea, Red Salt, bulk/oz

Alea, Red Salt, bulk/oz

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Alaea embodies an authentic Hawaiian Sea Salt Blend, enriched with Red Alaea, a naturally occurring volcanic clay abundant in minerals. This imparts our salt with a distinctive hue and luster, attributed to its elevated iron content.

Highly valued by native Hawaiians for its nutritional advantages and revered qualities, Alaea salt holds a significant role in Hawaiian traditions, especially in rituals and ceremonial purification known as hi'uwai.

The popularity of Alaea transcends the Hawaiian islands, gaining global acclaim. Recognized for its mild and earthy flavor, this salt is embraced by gourmet chefs worldwide. Its versatility is evident in native Hawaiian delicacies such as Kalua Pig, Hawaiian Jerky, and Poke, as well as in enhancing the grilling, roasting, and seasoning of meats, poultry, seafood, soups, and various vegetable dishes.

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