Medical Astrology Series: Aries

Medical Astrology Series: Aries

By: Ashley Noack, CCH


(Mar 20-April 19)

Element: Fire—Passionate, Kinetic, Inspired

Planet: Mars—Courage, Desire, Action

Body Parts Ruled: The Head, Muscles & Blood, Adrenals

Willful / Self-Directed / Pioneering / Optimistic / Outgoing / Excitable / Competitive

  The warmth of Spring burns away the frost of winter and the green world welcomes the Spring Equinox. And with the start of the season, comes Aries season. Aries is the spark of Spring—fresh, youthful, and bright. Enterprising and bold, Aries is a sign ready to take on the world. Aries epitomizes vitality, bursting with energy from vast reserves. This sign is poised for endurance and abundant health. As a sign, Aries likes to take health head-on, just like its’ symbol, a charging ram. Health and wellness bring out Aries’ warrior side, seen best in how the sign sets strong goals with great determination. However, this fiery and impulsive sign is not always known for patience or restraint. Symptoms of imbalance for Aries include: starting projects and not completing them, rushing, overexertion, and a loss of focus. This dynamic energy makes Aries accident-prone—given to head injuries, torn or strained muscles—burnout, and nervous tension. The areas of the body ruled by Aries are the head, muscles and blood, and adrenals. Managing headaches, migraines, brain injury, jaw clenching, and eyestrain are important for this sign, as well as supporting muscles with good circulation and refractory periods that prevent cramping and injuries. Additionally, areas to be mindful of for warrior Aries are inflammation, insomnia, and even anger.  


  • Honor your active nature—Give yourself space to fully expend your excess energy by maintaining an exercise regimen that helps you to channel your high- vibe nature.
  • Remember to rest—Temper activity with calming and cooling restorative practices, such as gentle movement. Such activity protects you from overextending yourself physically and emotionally. Everyone has their limits, Aries.
  • Cultivate patience—By not rushing, you are better able to set small milestones for personal success. This, in turn, helps you maintain focus on your big goals. With patience, you also nurture your ability to cooperate well with others, who might not share your ‘just do it’ attitude to the same degree.
  • Replenish your busy body­­—A well-balanced diet helps to keep Aries’ stamina up. Mineral-rich foods and electrolytes support adrenal activity and the body’s response to stress, making them key restoratives for the fast-paced ram.
  • Avoid stimulants—Take care to minimize caffeine consumption and heating spices that can exacerbate your tendency to overstimulation.
  • Use cooling nervines - herbs such as Lemon BalmPeppermintSkullcapPassionflower, and Oats, are great allies for helping Aries regain balance and center.
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  • Nettle - cooling and fortifying, nettle is perfect for nourishing the Aries' intense fire and supporting the activity of the adrenal glands.
  • Hibiscus - cooling and moistening, hibiscus helps to calm the intensity of the Aries flames.
  • Orange Peel - another slightly cooling herb, orange peel is also rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C, which are crucial for supporting the stress response system in The body.
  • Hawthorn Berry - cardioprotective and high in anti-oxidants, hawthorn berries help to keep the heart strong in these strong-willed individuals.
  • Ashwagandha - the ultimate adrenal support herb, ashwagandha is perfect for keeping Aries from burning themselves out and reminds them to stay grounded in their bodies.
  • Ginger - a warming, moving, and grounding, ginger in this formula helps to balance out the cooling and calming nature of the other herbs while also rooting them more firmly to the earth.
  • Essences of Jadeite Jade, Diamond, & Impatiens
Take care this Aries season. Remember that each of us contains aspects of every sign in different degrees and we all have something to learn from each one. We hope the stars will inspire your self-care for a revitalizing start to the spring season. These suggestions are intended to be informative and enlightening. They do not replace the guidance of a healthcare professional.
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