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Fauna Inspiration Deck - Avec La Vie

Fauna Inspiration Deck - Avec La Vie

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The Fauna Inspiration deck is comprised of 57 animals; each ethereally embodied using a unique pen and ink, watercolor technique.

On the back of the card, inspiring messages accompany each fauna. In addition to the animals, this deck, includes five symbols that represent the elements in which they are most attune.

Fauna Inspiration is filled with poetic metaphor and meaning; combining nature and sentiment encouraging the reader to find connection and to discover their inner wisdom at any time.

Written by Rebecca Lefebvre

  • 57 full-color images on the front of each card
  • On the back, inspiring messages accompany each fauna
  • Sturdy two-piece, lid-off box for travel and safe storage
  • Card dimensions: 4.5 x 2.75
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