Private Label Products

Golden Poppy offers private labeling for a variety of our products, which allows you to have the same great quality of products as we do but with your company’s branding on them.

We also do this for other special events such as weddings, so if you're looking to add a special touch to your wedding, get in touch!

Items such as lip balms make a great promotional give-away.

The following are our guidelines:

  • Initial orders for custom branded items are at least 3 pieces + plus the cost of a tester for each different product.
  • Some products, such as body creams, can only be made in certain batch sizes, please inquire for more details
  • Each new product/label will incur a one-time $10 fee for label design and creation.
    • You will need to provide us with a logo suitable for printing, and any color/design guidelines that you prefer
    • You can also have a designer of your own choice create a label for you
  • Private label pricing is 40% off our retail price.

Payment & Delivery

  • 50% of the estimated cost is due upon order with the remaining balance due upon delivery.
  • Items can be picked up at the store, mailed to your location for the cost of shipping, or delivered (if in the Fort Collins area)

Options for Private Label Products:

  • Essential Oils
    • Pricing for essential oils fluctuates with the market pricing, please inquire for more details
  • Lip balms
    • Minimum orders are 140 pieces
    • They are $2 each
    • Our basic lip balm is shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, and one or two essential oils (ex: lemon & lavender, or peppermint & vanilla) 
    • Any other special additions, such as an herbal infused olive oil (for extra healing properties), the addition of another scent, zinc for sun protection, mica for color, or the addition of something special such as flower/gem essences will add an additional $0.25 to each piece per special ingredient.
    • We can substitute in Candellia wax if you prefer a vegan lip balm
  • Other Specialty products made just for your business
    • Custom aromatherapy sprays
    • Body scrubs
    • Body Creams
    • Bath Salts
    • Herbal Tea Blends
    • Anything else you can dream of...
  • We truly love creating products that match a business's needs, so please feel free to reach out!