The Kapha Dosha

In keeping with the theme of exploring the concept of Self, and what makes us, us, we have reached the finale of the Ayurvedic Doshas mini-series. The last (but certainly not least!) of the Ayurvedic Doshas is the Kapha Dosha.   

The Kapha Dosha - An Overview 

The beautiful Kapha is the most grounded or stable of the Doshas. This is largely because the Kapha Dosha correspondences include earth and water. These two elements are heavier and denser in nature than any of the other previously explored elements. 

Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash[/caption] A person who is dominantly a Kapha is likely someone who is referred to as a “rock.” They are dependable, strongly-built, are loyal and kind in nature, and incredibly supportive. Much like the slow movement of earth, Kapha constitutions tend to be slow to react, and have a cooling nature.  Kaphas are considered to be balanced when they demonstrate stamina and mental and emotional well-being. Once Kapha's get going they will preserve through till the end. Additionally, a balanced Kapha is someone who demonstrates an open heart and compassion. They are the quintessential Mother Earth types, someone with warm embraces and soft edges to help hold and comfort those around them. On the other hand, symptoms of imbalance for someone who is considered to be a Kapha are largely physical. While it is easier for someone with a Kapha constitution to gain weight than the other doshas, a sign of imbalance may be rapid, excessive weight gain. Kapha skin types tend to be on the more oily side, and when an imbalance occurs, this can create increased oil production, which leads to such issues as blackheads or acne.  Additionally, such issues as extreme lethargy and lots of oversleeping, depression, and personality traits including discomfort with change or irritability can also indicate symptoms of a Kapha imbalance.   

A Few Tips for Our Kaphas Out There 

If you suspect you may be a Kapha, we have some tips to ensure that you remain well! (You can take a quiz to find out what your dosha is here) Organize Your Space. If there is a lot of clutter in your environment, this can stir feelings of anxiety in even the most grounded of us. A symptom of a Kapha experiencing imbalance is demonstrated when he or she has a hard time letting go of emotional and material attachments, regardless of whether it is no longer serving them. Take some time to clear your space of things that are no longer meaningful to you.  Turn up the Heat. The flow of your blood through your veins may need a bit of a spark once in a while. To experience a bit of invigoration, add some warming spices to your meals. Recommended spices include cinnamon, pepper, or even cayenne to give your system a little kick.  Break a Sweat. Like the element that Kapha resembles, earth, a Kapha can have the tendency to get a little stagnant at times. It is important to get in the habit of regular exercise to help ensure you get some movement in!  Good Morning, Sunshine! It can be easy for a Kapha to sleep a little too much. While it’s important to get adequate rest, particularly when your body calls for it, try not to sleep in excess. Try to get into a regular routine, sleeping the same amount of hours each night. It can also help to avoid naps throughout your day, if possible.  Massage your body with Kapha reducing herbs and oils. One great way to move energy and break up congestion in the body is with self-massage. Our Kapha Balancing Body Oil is designed to help move the lymph and stimulate Kapha types. This is excellent to apply after your morning shower to get your self energized for the day.   

Photo by Aleks Dahlberg on Unsplash[/caption]  

Herbs to Help the Kapha Find Balance

The best herbs for the Kapha dosha are those that help to counteract the constitution characteristics. This means that the best herbs to counteract these characteristics are light to counteract the heavy, warming to counteract the cool, and aromatic (having a strong, fulfilling scent)  to counteract dullness or stagnation. Recommended herbs include: 
  • Turmeric - this has slightly warming properties, and its ability to reduce inflammation can help Kaphas avoid feeling stiff or experiencing chronic pain
    • A really easy way to get turmeric into your life is with Golden Milk Lattes. We LOVE this easy to mix version from Vital Proteins
  • Ginger - this herb can do wonderful things to help aid discomfort associated with digestive issues. If a Kapha is experiencing slow, sluggish digestion, this herb can be incorporated into teas or meals to help regulate. 
  • Fennel - This herb can work as a great way to curb snacking, and can be used as a spice, or chewed on between meals. 
  • Eucalyptus - Another symptom of Kapha imbalance can be excess mucus in the body, which means a Kapha can regularly experience congestion. Eucalyptus essential oil in a diffuser or eucalyptus hung in the shower to steam can help clear the sinuses. 
Photo by Osha Key on Unsplash[/caption]   We hope you found this Aryurvedic Doshas mini-series insightful, and we appreciate you joining us on this journey. While this is a glimpse into the wonderful world of Ayurveda and its incredible healing capabilities, we are here to help if you choose to continue your journey. We would be honored to connect you with one of our in-house herbalists or nutritionists to further delve into seeking balance through Ayurvedic techniques!    See you next time!   


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