Medical Astrology Series: Pisces

Medical Astrology Series: Pisces

By: Ashley Noack, CCH

Pisces—The Fish

(Feb 19 - Mar 18)

Element: Water—Fluid, Sensitive, Impressionable

Planet: Neptune— Mystical, Illusion, Transcendence

Body Parts Ruled: Feet

Romantic / Imaginative / Psychic / Receptive / Dreamy / Compassionate

At last we have come to the final sign, and within Pisces are all the signs which have come before. Every pain, joy, gift, and wound that our journey through the zodiac has taught us comes to a culmination in our dear Fish. Born at the edge of winter and spring, Pisces makes the transition into the next life, into eternity.

As a sign of rebirth, Pisces swims in the cosmic ocean between our world and the one beyond.


drawing by Emilee Petersmark

For a Pisces, there is no difference between themselves and the infinite waters they call home. Made more of the numinous than the material, Pisces connects us to our highest spiritual truths, to love and have compassion for all of humanity. Deeply empathic, this sign makes others feel seen and loved. Pisces is also a creative at heart, often getting lost in their own visions.

They carry themselves with a touch of drama and mystery, being mercurial and elusive at times. And yet Pisces are unmistakably deeply caring and devoted individuals. Naturally very intuitive, they know without knowing, which grants the Fish psychic abilities such as prophecy, clairvoyance, and mediumship. These folks are often described as ‘old souls’ who’ve lived many past lives. These experiences gift them with an innate understanding of suffering and the human condition.

A paradox of extremes, Pisces’ extraordinary sensitivity is their strength and weakness.


Their enormous sensitivity makes it difficult to set clear boundaries. This sensitivity can overwhelm the sign and reality can appear as a harsh, cold, and unforgiving place for the Fish. They tend to have difficulties with money, time, and daily work. Theirs is also the sign of self-undoing, as Pisces can become impractical, overindulgent, prone to carelessness, and delusion. But this chaos isn’t without reason. Unlike other signs, Pisces has no natural protection for the energies they are bombarded with on a daily basis, so their energy vacillates greatly from day to day and affecting their ability show up for life’s daily rhythms and responsibilities.

When reality takes its’ toll, Pisces tends to unconsciously cope with escapism, which can make them highly susceptible to drugs and alcohol. They often find themselves, as well, drawn to unstable people or situations, because of their tendency to merge with their surroundings. If they find themselves in dark water, they can feel like a victim to their circumstances, lost and confused. But the emotional currents of a fish are ever-shifting and if they can trust themselves to weather stormy waves, they’ll find their way.

Painting by Jennie Hallbrown

Just as our first sign, Aries, rules the head, our final sign, Pisces, rules the feet. Our feet connect us to the earth and keep us balanced and rooted as we reach towards the sky and spirit. The fish dances through life, flowing with its’ motions, helping us all to align with the ephemeral nature of spirit in our material lives. They typically have beautifully shaped feet, which, unfortunately, are prone to the woes of aches, bunions, and poorly fitted shoes.

For general health, Pisces tends to have a very sensitive constitution, which is easily disturbed by overstimulation and emotional stress. Pisces needs soothing, tranquil spaces to settle their energies and protect their nervous system.  Being as well a sign of glamor and excess, the Fish must resist the urge to get lost in late nights of hedonism. If the Fish begins to dissociate with the needs of their body, ignoring their need to ground, they can either easily miss health imbalances or overreact to every minor disturbance.

Ultimately, Pisces, like their dual sign of one fish swimming upstream and the other down, needs to remain fluid and adaptable to the currents of life. 


Wellness Tips for Pisces:

  • Relax your tired soles with foot soaks and other bathing rituals for your water sign.
  • Ground yourself by being barefoot on the earth— rooting your energy will bring you strength and clarity, especially when you’re feeling lost in the clouds.
  • Care for all the delicate muscles in your feet by gently massaging them or applying gentle pressure over your arches with a tennis ball.
  • Pisces can act like a psychic sponge— practice spiritual hygiene by carving our alone time, getting plenty of rest, and hydrating to clarify your auric field and separate yourself from energy that is not yours.
  • Allow yourself time to daydream and be creative— keep it as a sacred and necessary part of your routine. This will allow you to show up to be timely and present when it’s required.
  • Practice setting clear boundaries— You don’t have to shut out the world you love so dear, but do not martyr yourself. If you hurt yourself trying to save people, instead of letting them help themselves, you won’t have enough energy for anyone else— especially yourself.
  • Cultivate a meditation or dreamwork practice to help you align with your psychic gifts.
  • Take care to not let your escapist tendencies get the best of you. Temper your use of drugs and alcohol, which can contribute to confusion and emotionality.
  • Enjoy swimming, dancing, skating, and cycling— all of these are fluid and rhythmic activities, which can keep you active and vibrant without overburdening your sensitive system.

Remedies for Pisces:

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These suggestions are intended to be informative and enlightening. They do not replace the guidance of a licensed healthcare professional.  


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