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Medical Astrology Series: Libra

Medical Astrology Series: Libra

By: Ashley Noack, CCH


(September 23- October 22)

Element: Air— Conversational, Balanced, Temperate

Planet: Venus— Art, Beauty, Social Grace

Body Parts Ruled: Kidneys + Low Back / Skin

Charming / Diplomatic / Affectionate / Refined / Harmonious / Peaceful

In the wake of the Autumnal Equinox, we stand equally in the light and in the dark, a balance of day and night. Our energy, while very much still focused on our external world, begins to draw inward. We cultivate the art of temperance. We integrate these opposing forces by knowing when to express and when to withhold— a dance of delicate reciprocity. Such are the diplomatic and refined ways of Libra.

Represented by the scales, Libras have a fine sense for this inner equilibrium. Libras will be first recognized by their captivating charm and refined, elegant sense of taste. Libras have a need for balance in all things, but especially in Venus-ruled arenas— their social circles and environment— always preferring harmony and grace to discord and chaos.

They have such natural affection for others and are genuinely excellent listeners, making others feel very important in conversation. Truly, Libras are at their best when they are in partnership. Relationships bring out the warm-hearted, easy-going, romantic idealist in Libra. This Libra helps us to imagine a more perfect world as the best, most beautiful versions of ourselves— a utopia.

Libras are born diplomats. Their ability to negotiate all sides in a situation and witness the perspectives of each party is truly a great gift. Justice is a noble cause for a Libra, and though they rarely express anger, they will if someone has disrupted the rules of fair play.  Pleasure-seeking Libras will also readily defend a cause if they perceive being denied a privilege they feel entitled to. Their general distaste for discord extends as well to ‘disturbers of the peace’ — people who appear loud, rough, and crude. All their own social graces are not without a price, however. They deeply appreciate the talents and greatness of others, but definitely expect to be admired themselves.

Though they may appear a champion of the people, Libras’ deep need for order and serenity in their personal paradises means they will go to great lengths to avoid slights and confrontations. Beneath this very calm, genial exterior, is a rich and rather tumultuous inner world preparing a poised response to every impersonal comment, casual sigh, and sideways glance. Ironically, as they attempt to keep the peace Libras may lose sight of their truth, instead playing unconsciously to others’ positions by suppressing their own feelings. Trying to be all things to all people quickly leads Libras to appear fickle and indecisive. This people-pleasing and avoidant tendency couples with their other unfortunate habits of acting judgmental, narcissistic, and self-centered. Their passivity may make them disinclined to work hard or stir confrontation if it doesn’t personally serve them to do so. People may learn to distrust and resent Libra for this.

Libras must be willing to take time aside from the din of the crowd to recalibrate and center themselves so that they can restore balance and fairness. Accepting their individual needs may also mean that sometimes what’s best for Libra isn’t best for everyone else, and that’s okay as long as they are honest. If they can learn to acknowledge and present their own needs, they can understand their own biases and boundaries and more readily ally with others to find creative, mutually-beneficial solutions.

Libras great dislike for anything appearing out of balance naturally extends to their health. Like a finely tuned scale, their body registers every stress or dis-ease. With a respect to practitionersLibras want to work with those who they know others will respect and admire. Their selection for practitioners will depend heavily on their reputation and acolytes. They will also seek others’ advice, inviting those whose opinions they value to weigh in. They can be quite judicious and will consider many different sides before taking action on growing health concerns.

In health, as in life, Libra registers the effect and quality of all experiences. They are deeply influenced by their environments and their relationships. If there is disharmony in their space or between friends, this can create considerable stress in a Libra’s life and make it difficult for them to function. The scales measure balance, and Libra rules the kidneys. Like Libra the kidneys are responsible for helping the body to maintain homeostasis by riding the body of waste from our blood. They, too, may need to learn to filter relationships and responsibilities that throw them into disequilibrium.

Libra also rules, in part, the skin, which interfaces with our environment. Bestowed with Venusian charms, Libras often have beautiful hair and skin, and good bone structure. But when things are in chaos, the skin will certainly show it by becoming sallow and dull. These lovely beings also rule the lower lumbar of the spine, giving them the appearance of being elegant and poised with characteristically graceful and curved low backs. Their delicate low backs also have a tendency to be weak, however, and if Libras overexert themselves this can result in chronic back pain. Libras must, again, learn to temper their people-pleasing in favor of quality time devoted to self-care and by surrounding themselves with beautiful people, art, and music.


  • We are the company we keep, so keep great company. There is no one more eager to please close confidantes than Libra. To make needed health changes, Libra might need to take a break from the influence of their social circle by taking some quality alone time or mixing things up with a different crew.
  • Aesthetics over ascetics wins a Libra any day.  A moderated approach to healthy living will suit Libra best. Having a glass of wine or another small indulgence is the perfect pairing with a clean diet and moderate exercise routine.
  • Keep up with your kidneys by replenishing them with nourishing electrolytes and trace minerals to help flush out toxins.
  • Libras skin will register every minor stress or nutrient deficiency, so take care of that pretty face by getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of water, and avoiding depleting substances, like excess smoking, drinking, refined sugar and caffeine.
  • Support your lower lumbar from becoming weak and strained by remembering to stay strong in your core and practicing good posture. Stand tall and poised in your power, Libra.
  • Chiropractic adjustments, massage, and viniyoga are therapeutic allies for pain and stiffness in your low back. You don’t need to bend over backwards for everyone all the time.
  • Libras enjoy putting their best face forward. A regular, thorough skin care routine with gentle cleansers, exfoliants, and facials will keep you glowing and vibrant.
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