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Medical Astrology Series: Aquarius

Medical Astrology Series: Aquarius

By: Ashley Noack, CCH


Element: Air—Connection, Ideas, Intellect

Planet: Uranus— Change, Revolution, Invention

Body Parts Ruled: Shins & Ankles

Progressive / Altruistic / Eccentric / Inventive / Rebellious / Visionary 


When Aquarius rules the skies, all the traditions and structures laid down by Capricorn are overturned, revolutionized. When we understand the process and setbacks of creating something with integrity and stability, we can let our imagination dream brighter and bolder ideas than we ever thought possible. This is where we meet the water-bearer Aquarius, who pours wisdom for the betterment of mankind over us all.

Aquarius reminds us that we are the change we wish to see in the world. Aquarians are non-conformists to the core. For them, the phrase ‘that’s just the way things are’ is a dangerous falsehood that holds us back from our human potential. Aquarius wants to imagine a world with endless possibilities and arbitrary limits have no place in their utopia.

Unorthodox and original, the work they do in the world also needs to reflect their sense of purpose and desire to be the change they wish to see. Brilliant and a bit mad, they can often seem a little far out, and not quite from this dimension or reality. Extremely outgoing, Aquarius attracts friends from all walks of life, as they don’t discriminate. As a humanitarian, they are honest, kind, truth-seeking, but they can also be somewhat emotionally aloof.  More than other signs, it’s easy for Aquarius to compartmentalize feelings and experiences. Aquarius needs freedom, and this can make them detached.

Aquarius wants freedom not just for themselves but for all of humanity. They believe that there is more beyond what we can comprehend in our current experience, so they are ever open to the evolution of the human spirit. Their keen mind awards them an intuitive awareness for the big picture. This bright mind can make Aquarius quite opinionated, and verbally provocative, to say the least. They enjoy finding weaknesses in others’ arguments, and they can appear a bit arrogant in the process. They tend to be very liberal and progressive, allowing others’ their truths, but can also have a very fixed opinion and be a bit obstinate about their point of view. Ultimately, Aquarius believes diverse ideas, people, and experiences really do make the world a better a place and that problems created on one dimension can only be resolved in another. Necessity, after all, is the mother of invention.

Aquarius rules the shins, calves, and ankles symbolizing forward movement and the progressive mentality that the sign also rules. This fact also makes Aquarius prone to varicose veins, sprains, fractures, leg cramping, and even gout. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruling planet, also presides over circulation, so it’s important to keep blood and lymph moving through the body to prevent stagnation and weakness in the tissues that may cause such conditions. Overall, Aquarius demonstrates great vitality and moves with dynamic energy. Because of their deep aversion to convention, they would absolutely feel more comfortable with an alternative rather than an allopathic physician. They’ll be attracted far more to energy medicine, holistic healing, and anything ‘new age.’ As we embrace and validate the efficacy of mind-body medicine, it becomes clearer that we are, indeed, entering the Age of Aquarius.



  • Supplement with Vitamin C, also found in bright berries, other fruits, and leafy greens, for capillary integrity and improved circulation to prevent varicosities.
  • Taking brisk walks in fresh air helps to clear your busy mind, but mind your step!
  • Practice legs up the wall for a relaxing and decompressing sensation. Inversions such as these are great at improving circulation and invigorating to the heart and mind.
  • Avoid sitting and standing for extended periods to prevent stagnation in the legs.
  • Aquarius has an excitable constitution— avoid excessive stimulants like sugar, caffeine and overwork helps you to maintain stable energy.  Opt for matcha, green tea, or bullet-proof coffee to steady your productivity jitters and the meditate any crashes.
  • Feeling disconnected from your fellow man? Volunteering is a great way to balance your humanitarian needs.
  • Your open-minded approach to unconventional methods of healing will enjoy modalities that focus on the ‘subtle body’— try reiki, crystal healing, and sound bathing to activate some energetic healing.
  • Observe technological hygiene. The modern age connects us to a global community, which is very Aquarian. You are highly sensitive to electromagnetic currents for this reason, which can cause you to feel depleted, irritable, and nervous from overuse. Take breaks from the gadgets and internet by ‘unplugging’ to decrease stimulation, clear your aura, and connect back in with self and nature.
  • Watch your Achilles heel— Aquarians are warriors for their causes, so pay mind to overextending these delicate muscles, spasms, restless legs. Do what you do best, and move in unconventional ways to break up blockages to increase create fluidity and range up motion.
  • Healthy fats, like Omega-3s, and B Vitamins are cofactors for nerve health and will support your nervous system, which is sensitive to subtle energies and vibrations.
  • Eat clean, fresh whole foods to keep your vibration high, but make sure to balance raw with cooked so that you can also stay grounded.



Check out our Aquarius Tincture for the perfect remedy to help balance out Aquarian tendencies as well as the Aquarius Perfume Roller   These suggestions are intended to be informative and enlightening. They do not replace the guidance of a licensed healthcare professional.  


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