March 2021’s Donation Organization – The People's Medicine Project

March 2021’s Donation Organization – The People's Medicine Project

Each month Golden Poppy chooses a different organization to support through our Customer Round-Up & Store Matching Donation Program.

When you make a purchase in-store or online, you have the option to round-up your purchase to the nearest dollar. At the end of the month, Golden Poppy will MATCH the round-up donations made by customers (up to $500) and give all of the funds to that month’s chosen organization.


If you shop with us in person: When you check out we will ask you if you’d like to round up (and feel free to ask us yourself!)

If you shop with us online: Select our Donation “product” and add it to your online shopping cart, then do the math to round up your total to the nearest dollar (it’s ok if it’s not a completely round number, we will still know that it’s for the Round-up donation) We also do our own round-up, if the donations are less than $100, we will always make sure to give that amount as our minimum.

The Donation Organization for March 2021 is Rootwork Herbals: The People’s Medicine Project BIPOC Scholarship Fund

"We explicitly center BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) as well as queer and trans folks in our curriculum, classes, and community work. For over 20 years our focus has always been on accessibility, affordability and uplifting folks burdened with daily and systemic oppression. Oppression that not only makes and keeps folks sick and poor, but also removes them from their own medicine. We are called to dismantle the systems that block this life-giving access and called to re-imagine futures where BIPOC, and thus everyone, thrive. Contributions will go directly towards the People’s Medicine Reclamation Project, our scholarship fund for BIPOC to access the offerings of Rootwork Herbals including herbal medicine, individual consultations, educational opportunities such as the People’s Medicine School and towards sustaining the newly formed and amazingly abundant, Jane Minor BIPOC Community Medicine Garden, where BIPOC folks can freely access land, food, and medicine."

Visit Rootwork Herbals website for more information or to support them directly:

Find them on Facebook: And Instagram:

Thank you for helping us spread the love!

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