June 2021’s Donation Organization: La Familia

June 2021’s Donation Organization: La Familia

Each month Golden Poppy chooses a different organization to support through our Customer Round-Up & Store Matching Donation Program.

When you make a purchase in-store or online, you have the option to round-up your purchase to the nearest dollar. At the end of the month, Golden Poppy will MATCH the round-up donations made by customers (up to $500) and give all of the funds to that month’s chosen organization.


If you shop with us in person: When you check out we will ask you if you’d like to round up (and feel free to ask us yourself!)

If you shop with us online: Select our Donation “product” and add it to your online shopping cart, then do the math to round up your total to the nearest dollar (it’s ok if it’s not a completely round number, we will still know that it’s for the Round-up donation) We also do our own round-up, if the donations are less than $100, we will always make sure to give that amount as our minimum.

The Donation Organization for June 2021 is La Familia

Our Mission:

Working alongside diverse families we provide high quality childcare and supportive services, with an emphasis on cultural attunement with the Latinx community. This work is done with an explicit vision of creating a community in which all families are safe, supported, and thriving.

Core Values:

In addition to the mission and vision, there are six core values that guide the work and are clearly defined as follows: 


Inspiring confidence and mutual respect creates a foundation for reliable support and good stewardship. 


Every person has inherent dignity and is worthy of respect and empathy. 


Non-dominant cultures, identities, perspectives, and experiences are celebrated, embraced, and inform direction. 


The structural, cultural, and relational inequities experienced by oppressed groups must be courageously recognized and dismantled. 


All people feel welcome, valued, and empowered to contribute to, and participate in, community. 


Loving, healthy relationships are critical for children in the first five years of life and benefit the child, the family, and the entire community.    

Visit La Familia’s website for more information on their programs, or to donate directly:  thefamilycenterfc.org

Find them on Facebook www.facebook.com/TFCLF And Instagram www.instagram.com/thefamilycenterlafamilia

Thank you for helping us spread the love!

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