July 2020 Update & News

July 2020 Update & News

AnchorDear community,

We want to start off by saying thank you to those of you who are still here, reading our newsletter.

These are turbulent times for our country, there is still a lot of work to do to continue to make real and lasting change in our society by dismantling the systems of racism that are embedded into our everyday lives.

In addition to all that we have been doing as a business, and will continue to do, to bring you information related to herbalism, aromatherapy, and overall health and wellness, we are committed to being on-going and active partners in the work.

We have started by becoming a business sponsor for a local organization called the Inclusive Birth Collective that supports BIPOC and LQBTQ+ people through their birthing times. These are people who are especially at risk for complications and mistreatment during one of the most delicate and important times of their lives.

We are also actively working on learning more about the colonization of herbal medicine, specifically the knowledge that comes from African roots that was brought here by enslaved people, and trying to help reverse the erasure of their contribution to the herbal systems that we currently use. As we dig into this, we will be sharing what we learn and how we are changing what we do as it happens.

We are also going to be bringing back our monthly Donation Day.

Each month we will donate 25% of our sales from that day to a different cause. We have done this in the past for various causes, mostly ones that were experiencing a crisis at the time and needed extra support (like Standing Rock), and we will continue to do that, in addition to finding other causes both locally and nationally that work to advance the health and wellbeing of marginalized and mistreated groups.

We will try and give as much advance notice about the Donation Days as we can.

While it may seem to some that this isn’t our role, we feel strongly that it is, that we need to be actively and openly a part of making change happen.

Thank you for supporting us and continuing to do this work in yourselves and your communities as well.


We are re-opening to the public for normal shopping starting on Monday July 6th!


We have really enjoyed seeing people in the store again over the past few weeks during our appointment shopping times, and have been able to allow additional people into the store during those times as well and are looking forward to having more of you come in again.

Our hours will be 12-6 pm Monday-Saturday.


We will still be asking all customers over the age of 6 to wear a mask the entire visit and to use the hand sanitizer upon entry.

Because we have a significant amount of people who come in who are immunocompromised, we feel it’s especially important for us to continue to do all that we can to minimize the risk for any potential disease spread.

We will continue to offer appointment shopping between 11 am - 12 pm on those days for people who are immune-compromised that wish to shop with more distance.

You can schedule your appointment here.

Online/phone shopping with both shipping and local pick up options will also continue to be available.

Until we receive more guidance about the ability to host gatherings without the need for social distances of 6+ feet, we won’t be offering any in-person classes in the store just yet.

We do have a few more virtual classes this month, as well as the possibility for some classes to happen outside while the weather is nice. Keep reading below to find out what classes we have this month.

Thank you again for supporting your small apothecary!

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