COVID-19 Announcement

COVID-19 Announcement

Dear community, 

As a place that is a nexus for health, we are also a place that serves a population of people who are especially at risk for complications should they contract the COVID-19 virus that is in our state. We feel it is important to help slow the spread of this virus so that our medical system does not become overwhelmed with people who are in need of intensive care. Because of this, we have decided to temporarily close our physical doors to the public. Our staff will still be going into the store to fill orders and get you the herbs and other products you are wanting, but we are requesting that you please order online, send us an email, or if you have questions or need a special blend, to please call. If you live nearby and want to pick up your order, we will arrange with you a way to come by and get your items. Otherwise, you can choose to have them mailed to your house. We are striving to find the balance between helping protect our vulnerable community members and being here for them at the same time, so thank you for your understanding and continued support. We will continue to keep you informed of what we have going on and hope that this passes quickly and we can get back to seeing you in person sooner than later.  

To order online:

To email us:

To call us: 970-682-4373

  Additionally, we will be suspending our classes for the rest of the month and will reassess about April classes as time moves forward. Rest assured we will reschedule them as soon as we feel we can.  

We have also decided to modify our store hours to be open from 10 am to 5 pm every day. 

  During these hours we will take your calls, process your orders, and respond to your needs as best we can. Thank you for your continuing support of us as we strive to support you.   Sincerely,  The Apothecary Staffn
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